Sparring Classes

Great for getting to grips with the concept of distance and timing.


Kuk Sool Won sparring rules can differ from class to class and can also vary based on age group and ability.

In general, Kuk Sool Won Tournament Style Sparring is point-based and no-contact to light-contact. Matches are two minutes long and whoever has the most points at the end wins. The match is also over if a competitor’s score is 5 or more than his or her opponent. Legal striking targets include the chest, sides above the waist, neck, and head. There are no strikes allowed to the back or to the back of the head. The points are as follows:

One point – kick to the body, punch to the body, punch to the head

Two points – kick to the head

In addition to scoring a point, a fighter must clearly show technique and that the strike could have been successfully executed at full force. If the attacking limb is almost straight and does not clearly reach the target, no point is awarded.

The Korean principle of Dae Ryuhn Bub guides Kuk Sool Won sparring:

Dae – Posture and right mind

Ryuhn – Combinations
Bub – Circling one’s opponent

Sparring is considered an important aspect of Kuk Sool Won since it introduces students to many important principles, like Distance and Timing. Once these fundimentals have practiced students can opt to take part in other types of sparring.

FRIDAYGlebe Park Community Centre
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Kuk Sool Won of Kirkcaldy hopes to provide you with first class martial art training in a friendly and safe environment. Come along and you will see how quickly all our students progress in all aspects of their training and professional standard which is set by our Black Belts, Instructors and senior students.


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